Standing Furniture Rental

What is standing furniture? Furniture at a height of 100cm to 115cm, to which one stands, with or without bar stools.
Usually these are standing tables - also called high tables. If you want to rent high tables, you can also opt for wide pedestals, barrels or casks, which can be seen in abundance at receptions or walking dinners.
A wide variety of bars and buffets complete the range of standing furniture that Eland rents out.
Many items in this category have our 'Black-White-Color' label , which means that you can have them painted by us in any RAL or NCS color.
You can also be inspired by our standing furniture to organize a party at home, because that way you can place more guests. In other words, you can use standing furniture in places where you have less space available per guest, such as club or pub settings, throw a party at home, set up a smoking area or a meeting point for a larger event.

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