Standing Furniture

In this section you will find our stylish bars , buffets , standing tables , pedestals and standing pedestals for event, wedding party, company event or birthday party. Some (with 'pick your color' label) are furniture that you can paint in any RAL or NCS color. Feel free to compare the different categories to decide how party equipment rental is the right choice for you. These can certainly inspire you to organize a party at home.

Rent a bar

All bars are self-made and bear the ELAND® brand name. Our bar parts are modular and can form a spacious bar together. The bar is indispensable party furniture, a place where catering is central.

Rent a buffet

All buffets are self-made and bear the ELAND® brand name. Many of our buffets are based on the Eland® U-Table. You can fully personalize it with a front, color and print.

Rent a standing tables

Otherwise known as party tables, talking tables, hanging tables, ... Tables at a height of about 110cm where people can stand or sit on a bar stool . Standing tables are perfect for a reception or a walking dinner.

Rent a pedestal

A pedestal, pedestal or pedestal (pied de stalle) is a piece of furniture with which you usually give height to a flower arrangement or decoration as an eye-catcher. You can also define a zone in a stylish way. If your reception takes place in a smaller space, these columns also lend themselves as an alternative party table.

Rent a standing pedestal

The word says it all, this piece of furniture is a standing table and pedestal in one. It can be used as either or both. Many an event agency or wedding planner will not miss this at every event they organize.