Heating avenue by Gas.be

Batibouw 2024

From sketch to render to final result!

Stands are invariably designed in-house. We either start from an idea sketch provided by the customer or from a white canvas. From then on, we work out the stand down to the smallest details. Here, we avoid standardised stand construction materials and instead resolutely opt for sustainable, tactile and contemporary materials.

The design and realisation of all the printed matter and the drawing of the power and lighting plan are also done by Eland.

For the production of this stand and all its components, we were fortunately able to fall back on our Accord500, a state-of-the-art CNC machine.

Afterwards, all elements are brought together into a coherent whole with high-quality finishing. Once packed and assembled, everything goes to the Heysel in no less than 7 trailers. To build everything there in less than 5 days.

Facts & figures:

  • +/- 365m2 of high-quality grass carpet
  • Total height of no less than 7m
  • 100m2 of moose greenwalls
  • Custom-made neon of 3x3m
  • Displays of 4m wide for about 25 devices
  • Kidscorner with lifesize houses to colour in
  • 12 Real trees!
  • 1500 sweets to hand out
  • Heaviest device on display weighed 250 kg!

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