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  1. If the hired goods are collected, you as the hirer are responsible for them as soon as they have left the buildings of Eland BVBA and if they are delivered, as soon as they have been unloaded at the delivery address.
  2. You are responsible for the return of the goods in the same condition as that in which you received them.
  3. If you wish to collect and/or return goods with a trailer yourself, make sure that it is firmly attached and protected. You are responsible for any damage.
  4. Collection and return by yourself: You do your own loading and unloading. You may obtain help with heavy items.
  5. Our transportation formula consists of the hours for hiring a lorry with a driver at € 80 per hour, the time being charged per half hour. Hours are charged from departure from ELAND at Dendermondesteenweg 538 - 9070 Destelbergen until arrival at the same address. The hours are read off the lorry’s tachograph. So all the additional activities that you ask the driver to undertake affect the hours.
  6. All materials are delivered to your door as standard unless otherwise agreed and approved by email by Eland BVBA.
  7. If you want the driver to carry out installation and/or dismantling, this can be done upon request. One or two passengers can also travel in the lorry to help with the installation and/or dismantling at € 38/hr. excluding VAT. The passengers’ worked hours are the same as those of the lorry driver.
  8. Bear in mind that everything is packed. If there is no room on your premises to store this packaging, then everything has to be unpacked first. The driver and the passengers will help with the packing/unpacking.
  9. Deliveries or collections via stairways or lifts will only be made upon prior request. Without such a request, this must be discussed on site with the transport manager and this depends on his timetable.
  10. Deliveries from Monday to and including Friday between 18.00 and 08.00, on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays are possible upon request but at 150% transport rates.
  11. When goods are received back in the warehouse, they are inspected for damage and dirt residues. If necessary they will be cleaned at a rate of €38/hr excluding VAT. In the event of damage, the damage will be estimated and charged for.

What is delivery to your door?
Unloading within a maximum perimeter of 10 metres around the lorry on a consolidated, even and smooth surface that can be driven on.
Without unpacking.
What is collection from your door?
Loading within a maximum perimeter of 10 metres around the lorry on a consolidated, even and smooth surface that can be driven on.
Everything has been packed in the correct manner.


  • Schedule the time of delivery carefully. Peak hours/traffic jams lead to extra costs.
  • Try to avoid waiting times because of other suppliers hindering loading/unloading.
  • Make sure that there is easy access to the place where we have to load/unload. The lorry CANNOT be driven on unconsolidated surfaces.
  • Ensure that everything is correctly packed and standing ready at the collection point.
  • Avoid deliveries or collections outside office hours (08.00 18.00).

Opening times:

  • Mon. - Fri. 10.00 – 17.00
  • Saturday upon request
  • Sunday upon request

Important notice

  • Please inspect the goods delivered. If you discover any damage, shortfalls or defects, please contact us by telephone or email. Unfortunately we cannot accept notifications of damage after your event.
  • Please pack all hired goods correctly. Extra work = extra cost!
  • After the person responsible has checked the goods against the order, any shortfalls and/or breakages will be notified by email. The notification period may vary between 1 and 30 calendar days after your event. In the absence of notification to the contrary, the goods will be invoiced 15 calendar days after notification.

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