Maselis opens his doors.

Your breakfast cereals, your children's favourite cake, that refreshing beer on the terrace... They all have one thing in common: the ingredients come straight from Roeselare. 85% of Belgian food products 'get their share' from NV Maselis, which was founded in 1829, a year before Belgium was created.

Did you know that Maselis processes more than 400,000 tonnes of grain every year?

These and many other interesting facts were revealed to visitors during the very first Voka Open Company Day at Maselis.

On 1 October, the Roeselare grain company opened its doors to the public for the first time. Visitors were guided through the company's entire history and production. From the flaking line to the oat husking plant, each step in the process was explained using signs and information boards.

Visitors found out how the machines work and how their daily bread, fresh pint or delicious cake is made.

Of course, production did not stand still during the Open Day! The company continues to produce 24/7 to make sure your favourite cereal gets to you as soon as possible!

After all this, visitors could not go home empty-handed. At the end of the tour, they received a generously filled goodie bag with gadgets from Maselis. This is to ensure that the first edition of the Open Company Day at Maselis will not soon be forgotten.

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