New tables

In December 2019, the first prototype of the Eland® Belmondo table was manufactured in resin with a terrazzo concrete look.

We also treated this model with Mortex® and then applied a protective varnish. You recognise these tables with your eyes closed, your hands feel their identity. Firm, robust and smooth; this is a feather-light concrete table. Each of these tables is a unique piece because of the handwork, with a unique pattern.

A system was invented so that different legs/substructions could be attached to the table tops.
We can use our low and high Crown-legs to let this "concrete" tabletop rest on a fine metal curve, so that it becomes a dinner table or a bar table. In addition to the Crown legs, we have made equivalents of the book-shaped legs of the Belmondo (Terrazzo) model, which makes the tabletop feel more weighty. The standing version gives the same feeling while resting on two oval bases. These 2 options give a totally different experience, industrial robustness or surreal light stone.

There are currently 4 tabletop models: Eland® Blanc Sable, the short version Eland® Côte Sauvage (both in 2 different heights), the stand model Eland® Camargue and the amorphous coffee table Eland® Blanc Nez. The names refer to the colour (of lime and sand) and the French holiday feeling.


Photo by @zoe.kennof
Styling by @fermfeest

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